Each family has unique goals and dreams when thinking about their birth wishes. I will help you learn the keys to having a safe, satisfying, and joyful birth.

Meet and Greet

We'll spend time getting to know one another and exploring all of your labor and  birth questions, concerns, and  expectations. I'll assist you in completing an easy yet thorough birth plan that will serve as your road map during your pregnancy, labor, and birth. This is a fantastic way to highlight your YES's and NO's of labor for yourself,  your birth partner, doula, and care provider.

Prenatal Yoga

My doula package includes 1 private prenatal yoga session and unlimited access to my prenatal yoga group classes.  These classes are a wonderful tool to ready your mind, body, and heart for a delightful birth. Prenatal yoga is both gentle and energetic. I will guide you through deep relaxation using various asanas, movements and pranayamas breathing techniques to reduce fear and anxiety while fostering a sense of inner trust. Our flow will be deeply restorative and meditative to help you clear any negative thoughts and fears.

36th Week

At our last session together we will practice all comfort techniques, positions of labor, breathing strategies, massages, acupressure points, stages of relaxation, and breastfeeding basics. We will also cover how to use a birth ball, use of aromatherapy, use of hydrotherapy, and Ribozo techniques.


    •    24/7 availability

    •    A referral list of specialists in your area (acupuncturist, massage therapists, breastfeeding groups etc.)

    •    Access to my lending library

    •    'Questions to Ask Your Care Provider Guide'

    •    '101 Positive Affirmations'

    •    Pre-labor support  at your home & continuous support during labor + 1-2 hours after delivery

    •    A postpartum session

    •    Access to a back up doula and opportunity to meet with her in the months leading up to your birth